As the American Old West passed into history, the myths of the West took firm hold in the imagination of Americans and is still alive and well today. At some point we all dreamed of being cowboys or cowgirls— and for those who collect and shoot cowboy action shooting firearms— maintaining the quality and authenticity of these firearms is critical.

Revolvers, repeating rifles, single shot rifles, and shotguns all had their place in the famous tales, and Sack Ups protection is a key element in keeping these firearms in pristine condition, and in keeping history alive. Our products are environmentally safe and contain a oil and silicone treatment that prohibits corrosion and safeguards against rust, dirt, and potential scratches. The cotton fabric has a natural wicking ability that continually draws moisture away and is perfect for year round storage.

Just as cowboys defended their honor and their horses, let Sack Ups preserve these Old West treasures.